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Overcoming Legal Hurdles During Probate Administration

There are certain legal hurdles that need to be overcome in order to ensure that your family member’s property and assets are distributed to the proper beneficiaries. Whether you are a member of our community, somewhere in Texas or across the country, our Harlingen probate lawyers can help you resolve your family member’s estate.

Skilled Guides Through The Probate Courts

At McCullough & McCullough, our attorneys have guided generations of families through the probate process. We work with people in our community and from out of town to resolve their loved one’s estates and help them distribute the assets to the heirs. Our in-depth knowledge of probate law allows us to handle most, if not all, issues for you here so that you may not have to come to our office to close your family member’s estate.

The majority of estates are settled within 90 to 120 days in Texas. However, you must file a will with the courts within four years of the death of your family member or you will have to go through probate as though your loved one died without a will.

Helping Executors Close Their Loved Ones’ Estates

If your family member died with a will, we will submit the will to the courts to prove that it is valid. Then we will assist you or another family member in gaining qualification to become executor of the estate and help you distribute the assets to the beneficiaries while complying with Texas law.

If your family member died without a will (intestate), the courts will have considerably more to do with the administration of the estate. We can help you publish a notice to find the heirs, prove to the courts that all of the heirs have been notified, create the accounting of assets and property for the courts and guide you through the probate system.

If there is a dispute among family members as to the validity of a will or the way the estate is being administered, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience and will work diligently to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

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