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Probate And Estate Administration Of Large And Complex Texas Estates

Three generations of McCullough & McCullough attorneys have served the Rio Grande Valley since 1945. Many of our clients are second- and third-generation as well — families who have turned to us through the years for trusted advice and representation. Many of those families have amassed significant wealth, which presents certain problems when the estate changes hands from one generation to the next.

Our legal team has extensive experience in the administration of complex estates. We provide complete estate administration and probate services to clients in Harlingen, Brownsville, McAllen and throughout South Texas. Call today at 956-320-1320 to arrange a consultation.

Complex Assets And Probate Considerations

Texas probate law is not complicated, per se, but some of our clients have complex holdings or complicating factors in estate administration and succession. Our lawyers can capably address tax implications and legal considerations of:

  • Division orders with oil companies
  • Real estate, including second homes and commercial properties
  • Federal estate tax threshold
  • Credit shelter trusts
  • Generation-skipping trusts
  • Business succession
  • Ancillary probate in other states
  • Foreign assets or accounts

We can assist executors or personal representatives with transactions and liquidations, creditor claims, accounting and reporting requirements, and all facets of winding down the estate. We also provide ongoing management for enduring trusts that disburse inheritances over a period of years.

Contact Experienced Estate Administration Lawyers

To discuss our capabilities with complex estates, call us at 956-320-1320 or contact us online. No matter how large the estate, our probate lawyers can resolve many issues via phone, fax, email and mail, limiting travel for executors who reside outside of Texas.