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Letter Of Testamentary/Letters Of Administration

Have you run into barriers despite being named executor or representative of a loved one’s Texas estate? Bankers, Realtors, county clerks and other parties may require a letter of testamentary as proof that you are authorized to act on behalf of the estate.

The estate administration attorneys of McCullough & McCullough can help you obtain this certificate, so that you can execute the duties of managing or closing the estate. We counsel court-appointed representatives in Cameron County and surrounding counties of the Rio Grande Valley.

Call us at 956-320-1320 to schedule a consultation. We welcome out-of-state inquiries from nonresident family members who are tapped to administer a South Texas estate.

What Are Letters Of Testamentary?

We get many requests to draft letters of testamentary. While we can’t make one, we can help you arrange a court hearing to get one. A letter of testamentary, known as a letter of administration in cases where there is no will, verifies that you are qualified to serve as executor or representative. It can only be issued by the clerk of court in the county with jurisdiction over the estate in question. The certificate includes the date of death and the date of the hearing, and declares that you are admitted to probate and authorized by the court to administer the estate.

Do I Really Need This Document?

You may be required to produce a letter of testamentary by a title company, bank, brokerage firm, real estate agent, life insurance underwriter, government entity or other party before they will recognize you to conduct transactions. Without the document, you may not be able to marshal assets, access accounts, sell property or otherwise carry out your estate administration duties. It may be necessary to obtain an official letter for each entity, as opposed to sending a photocopy.

We Will Walk You Through The Process

Our lawyers can help you obtain the testamentary letter and guide you through all of the duties as a designated executor or court-appointed representative. Our trusted law firm has served Harlingen, Brownsville and The Valley for three generations. Please call 956-320-1320 or contact us online to learn how McCullough & McCullough can help.