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Uncovering And Stopping Fraud During Probate And Estate Administration

Sometimes the executor of an estate turns out to be dishonest. That person may be abusing their access and position of authority to siphon assets from the estate or deprive other heirs of their rightful share.

The probate lawyers of McCullough & McCullough can investigate if you believe that you have been defrauded by the executor or personal representative of a loved one’s estate. We will make every effort to recover missing assets and hold the administrator accountable under the laws of Texas.

Based in Harlingen, our established firm handles inheritance disputes in Cameron County and surrounding jurisdictions of South Texas. Call us at 956-320-1320 to discuss your suspicions.

Probate And Estate Administration Fraud

We take satisfaction in uncovering fraudulent behavior. However, these are serious accusations with the potential to cause tremendous rifts within families. We tread lightly while diligently pursuing evidence of wrongdoing by estate administrators:

  • Stealing property or money from the estate
  • Colluding with other heirs to cut someone out of the will
  • Undue influence or fraud in altering a will
  • Overcharging the estate for administration expenses
  • Incompetence or deceit in liquidating assets
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest

In addition to recovering missing assets or upholding a prior will, we will pursue breach of fiduciary proceedings to have the unscrupulous executor/representative relieved of duty by the court, and support law enforcement in any criminal fraud investigation.

Unjustly Accused Of Foul Play?

Estate administration is a tough job. Our attorneys have represented executors/representatives unfairly suspected of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty. We work to show that there was no criminal intent or self-serving action, but only an honest mistake or misunderstanding about the duties.

Contact Our South Texas Probate Fraud Lawyers

Whether you suspect executor fraud or stand accused of impropriety, it is important to hire experienced legal counsel. McCullough & McCullough handles cases in the Harlingen area and throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Call 956-320-1320 or contact us online to discuss your situation.