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The law firm of McCullough & McCullough proudly serves the local populace of Harlingen, Brownsville, McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. We also serve many clients from other corners of Texas and from other states who need local legal counsel. Our firm provides experienced and trusted counsel in the areas of estate administration, estate planning, real estate and business law.

Three Generations Of Harlingen Attorneys

Gene F. McCullough established our firm in 1945. His son Graham joined the firm after completing law school in 1958, with Graham’s son coming on board in 1995. Graham McCullough retired on 12/31/2020. Today, the father-and-son team of Graham McCullough and Gene McCullough (Arthur E. McCullough, the grandson of Gene F. McCullough) continue to uphold the standards of excellent representation and quality service to our clients.

Quality Representation

We take pride in the fact that McCullough & McCullough has a reputation for providing quality legal services in our community. Satisfied clients regularly recommend us to their friends and family. We have known many of our current clients for most or all of their lives, as their parents and grandparents were our clients before them. We have also become the go-to law firm for people across Texas and throughout the nation who have legal issues they need to resolve in our area.

Strong Relationships

We believe one of the reasons for that stellar reputation is the way we build relationships with our clients. Everyone we represent knows that they will get straightforward, honest opinions and the best legal guidance we have to offer. Clients appreciate that they can come to us with complex problems, and we will find the most efficient and effective way to solve them. We appreciate that our clients entrust us with these issues and we work hard to bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

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To discuss your legal issue, call us at 956-320-1320 or contact us online. Travel to our office is not always necessary, as we can resolve many of your issues by phone, fax, email or mail. Credit cards are accepted for your convenience.

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