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A Customized Estate Plan That Meets Your Needs

The creation of an estate plan at the law firm of McCullough & McCullough begins with an open conversation. Our lawyers will take the time to learn about your family and the scope of your estate. How do you want your assets to pass on? What do you want to happen if you become unable to care for yourself? Perhaps you already have an estate plan in place, but you need it revised because you are now married, divorced or have a child.

Only by learning about you, your family, your estate and what you want your estate plan to do can we customize a plan that meets your needs. Our decades of experience have taught us the importance of customization for a truly effective plan, whether an estate consists of a family home in South Texas or it comprises statewide real estate holdings and more.

Estate Planning Tools

The will is the foundation of any estate plan. For some, that is enough. For others, a variety of other tools may need to be employed.

We assist with the creation of trusts. These can come in a variety of forms. Some address very specific issues, such as special needs trusts. Others are more general and designed for the avoidance of the probate process or the minimization of estate taxes.

Other tools include powers of attorney and medical directives. These are put in place to outline what is to be done if the estate holder can no longer make decisions for him or herself due to a serious medical condition.

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To discuss your case, call us at 956-320-1320 or send us an email. Our Harlingen estate planning attorneys can resolve many issues via phone, email, fax and mail. Travel to our law office is not always necessary. Credit cards are accepted. Se habla español.