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Fulfilling Your Duties As A Guardian Or Conservator

The state of Texas has made taking on the guardianship or conservatorship of another person a very serious responsibility. Because of this, there are many rules and regulations that a guardian must fulfill as part of his or her duties. Having a Harlingen guardianship lawyer on your side can not only help you keep your loved one safe through guardianship but can also help you understand and complete your role.

At McCullough & McCullough, we have decades of experience in helping families gain guardianship over a loved one who has become incapacitated or for a child who has lost his or her parents (commonly known as the ward). We have also defended adults who do not believe they require guardianship against family members who believe they do.

Undertaking Responsibility For Another

Guardianship, much like a power of attorney, gives the guardian the ability to act as the disabled person’s representative in order to pay bills, handle financial issues and make health care decisions. Although most situations involve one person handling all guardianship issues, it is possible to split the guardianship duties and have a guardian of the person, handling all decisions regarding the ward, and a guardian of the estate, handling all financial and property decisions. We can help you determine the best way to set up guardianship for your loved one.

If your family member is currently a minor who is coming of age, we can help you establish guardianship so you can set up the appropriate federal benefit programs on his or her behalf. We can also help you create a special needs trust for your loved one.

A Full Accounting To The Courts

The courts expect that if you are going to accept responsibility for another person that you keep careful track of every financial transaction and everything done for your ward’s care. Our service doesn’t just stop at helping you gain guardianship. We also help you submit the required accountings to the courts for approval and record.

Our attorneys understand the responsibility you are undertaking and will help you every step of the way.

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