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Appointing Powers Of Attorney

Having an established power of attorney as part of your estate plan can save your family a great deal of time and trouble. If a family member already has power of attorney, he or she can handle your affairs if you become incapacitated without having to establish guardianship over you to do so.

Ensuring Your Own Safety And Security

A power of attorney allows a family member to represent or become you for all legal intents and purposes. As you age or if you are in an accident, a power of attorney gives your family the ability to pay your bills, make legal and health care decisions and lets you establish how you want to be cared for and what responsibilities your family members can take.

At McCullough & McCullough, we draft powers of attorney to fit an individual’s situation, including:

  • Statutory durable powers of attorney — This document allows a family member to manage your day-to-day affairs, such as bills, purchases, and other regularly occurring matters.
  • Medical power of attorney — This document gives your family member the power to make medical decisions if you become disabled. This also includes a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) release so your family has access to your medical records.
  • Medical directive to physicians (living will) — This document establishes your wishes as to end of life care and emergency issues, prior to their occurrence. It tells both your family and your doctor what you want to happen to you in these situations and can help prevent family and legal disputes when the time comes.

Sound Advice On Protecting Your Future

Our lawyers will review these issues with you carefully and help you determine how much power you want your family to have as well as how they will affect you in the short and long term. We work with you to ensure your well-being and your family member’s ability to take care of you and make decisions on your behalf.

Contact Our Lawyers Drafting Medical Powers Of Attorney In Brownsville And The Surrounding Areas

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