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Understanding the types of probate

Whether an estate is large or small, the probate process can have a substantial effect upon the administration of an estate. For that reason, it is important that estate holders and their beneficiaries be aware of the process. There are a few different types of...

Options to bypass probate

When loved ones pass, there are both emotional and financial hurdles you must face. If that loved one has an estate plan in place, it can be helpful during such a trying time. Though most estates must undergo the probate process, it is possible to employ a few...

Choosing your power of attorney wisely

A proper estate plan is important to determining the distribution of a party's assets. However, the right estate plan in the wrong hands can still spell trouble. Selecting the party who will fulfill your wishes for you when you are not able to is not a decision...

The basics of probate

Administering a loved one's will can seem stressful. Not only do you have grief at the loss to deal with, but now you have the responsibility of ensuring things get done according to the wishes he or she left behind. Probate may seem scary if you do not know...

Who should you name as executor?

Creating a will is one of the most important estate planning tasks you can accomplish. Not only does this tool allow you to decide how to distribute your assets among your beneficiaries, but you also get to choose an individual to manage your estate after you...

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