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Do You Need To Initiate A Foreclosure?

The real estate lawyers of McCullough & McCullough provide legal counsel to clients who need to execute a foreclosure action against a buyer who has reneged on the terms. Our representation can either spur the party to make the note current or force them to vacate.

Our Harlingen firm handles foreclosures in Cameron County and surrounding jurisdictions of South Texas. Call us today at 956-320-1320 to discuss your legal rights and options.

Foreclosure Actions Against Delinquent Occupants

Our clients are property owners and sellers who are seeking resolution when a buyer or tenant has stopped paying.

We frequently represent adult children who are selling the family home after a parent has died or moved into nursing care. We can advise you on the best course to take to meet your goals.

We can help in situations where a house or condo has been rented long-term or sold under an owner-finance arrangement. If the occupants are not paying their property taxes or making payments, it may be necessary to take action.

Steps We Can Take To Help In A Foreclosure

  • We will send official notice to pay the back taxes, past due rent or the loan arrears.
  • If the party is unresponsive, we will go forward with foreclosing on the property.
  • Our attorneys can handle the entire process on your behalf, making sure that everything is above board and compliant with state law, so that you can take possession of the property in a timely manner and put it back on the market.

With decades of experience in real estate and Texas foreclosures, we can help resolve your real estate and real property ownership and sale issue.

Get Help With The Foreclosure Process

Many of our clients do not reside in the Rio Grande Valley. We welcome out-of-state inquiries and in many cases, you will not need to travel to Texas for the legal proceedings. Contact us online or call 956-320-1320 to discuss your situation. At McCullough & McCullough, we’ve served South Texas for over 70 years.

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