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Estate Administration And Probate In South Texas

If you have lost a loved one and are in charge of administering the estate, you do not have to do it alone. At the Harlingen law firm of McCullough & McCullough, we bring decades of experience to these matters. In addition to providing representation to clients in the community, we are frequently enlisted by clients in other parts of the state or other states who need assistance administering the estates of family members who lived in South Texas.

Start To Finish Representation In Texas Estate Administration

The starting point may be to determine the assets that make up the estate. We may need to wind down a business or liquidate properties. For out-of-area clients, the only local asset may be a single home (you may not even have access to the home without first filing a will here). We can assist with the filing of wills or determine whether there are alternatives that will allow access without going to court. We file the necessary paperwork to gain access of bank accounts and other assets. Typically, we can accomplish all of this in a matter of months.

Father and son attorneys Graham McCullough and Gene McCullough have decades of experience in this field, including estate tax considerations and other issues in administering large estates. When the probate process is necessary, our experience and knowledge of the local courts allow us to navigate through it efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive Services In Estate Law And Probate

We can address all facets of settling your loved one’s estate, including estate disputes and litigation.

  • Independent administrator — Close legal support if you are granted free reign to administer the estate
  • Administering a trust — Guiding trustees through disbursements, reporting and ongoing management
  • Guardianship of a loved one — Initial court appointment as guardian and continuing duties
  • Letters of testamentary — Authorizing documents for conducting transactions on behalf of the estate
  • Fraud or breach of fiduciary duty — Intervention on behalf of beneficiaries who are being cheated of an inheritance

Real Estate Matters In Estate Law

As experienced real estate attorneys, we are able to seamlessly assist with the sale of inherited properties in South Texas. Whether you have left a home, a business or multiple real estate holdings, we can help you determine their value and help you sell them.

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